Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa (formerly David Rice) / One Who is Called Upon

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© Copyright 2002-2003 Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa.   All Rights Reserved.

                                   Title: One Who Is Called Upon           Medium: Acrylic           Date: 1980-1985

  18 inches by 14 inches Canvas Print - USD $ 247.50*   18 inches by 14 inches Canvas Print mounted on wooden frame - USD $274.50*   18 inches by 14 inches Watercolor Print - USD $ 247.50*
The prints are professionally produced from digitized images created from photographic transparencies of the original art.

The canvas prints are reproduced on artist canvas to which three coats of varnish is applied. The watercolor prints are
produced on posterboard that is approximately 1/16th inch thick (one coat of varnish is used). The resulting prints are
of such premium quality that the prints cannot be distinguished from the original works of art.

* ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  California sales tax will be added for California residents.

Note: The artist's name on this graphic image is a watermark (to discourage downloading) and will not appear on the print.